You're Designed to Thrive!

Many people don't know how to thrive. Frustrated by their lack of know-how, they give up and settle for a mediocre life. They lose their passion. They become complacent.
  • Your faith can become a force that enables you to face your biggest obstacles.
  • Your relationships can become stronger, deeper and more loving.
  • Your work can become your calling.

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If your faith is dead or dying, learn how to be alive again.


If your relationships are broken, learn how to heal and strengthen them.


If you're burned out on work, learn how to live with purpose.

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What Others are Saying...

Jon provides the perfect balance of honesty, integrity, and research, as he guides his readers to a higher level of living. Thank you Jon for the practical wisdom you provide. You contribute to my own growth as husband, leader, and dad!

Jed Jurchenko, LMFT | 

Before I ran across Jon Beaty...I had some guilt, shame and embarrassment about some of the issues men face in today's world. Some of the things that we go through we just do not discuss openly. There are not many places that bring a safe, transparent, Christian worldview where God is the third person in the room. Immediately I connected with Jon's story. He has created a trusting place where you can be vulnerable and heal. Jon is a transformational and spiritual leader who walks along side of you. He helps you figure out God's design for your life. Jon's value has impacted my life and creating lasting happiness.

Kirby Ingles, Life Coach | 
Jon Beaty | Your Life Coach

You're designed to thrive. Get started today. Discover faith that moves mountains, deeper relationships, and work that matters.

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