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Why I’m Here

I believe God designed you to thrive in your faith, family and work. With a strong connection to God you can create satisfying relationships with the people you care about, and turn your work into a tool for making a positive difference in the world. I’d like to be your Life Coach, to help you become the God designed you to be, so you can thrive in your faith, family and work.

What I Believe

I believe the ancient wisdom recorded in the Bible is valuable wisdom for today. It’s inspired by God. I believe that true science passes the test of Bible truths, and never contradicts the Bible. Both the Bible and science have improved my life in extraordinary ways, and can improve your life, too.

What I Know

I earned a Master of Social Work degree in 1991 from Walla Walla University, with a concentration in health, mental health, and addictions. Since then, I’ve worked in various settings helping men and women recover from, and overcome addictions, mood disorders, stress and anxiety, personality disorders, and anger management.

If you’ve been to a counselor only to get a few tips on how to patch things up, I’m here to tell you that God offers more than patches. The same God who spoke life into existence as recorded in Genesis, the same Jesus who raised Lazarus from the dead, can transform you into a stronger, happier, and healthier you.

I’ve helped people from all walks of life to achieve their personal goals. At the top of the list, most people wanted to be happier.
Most people are happy. But many of us have at least one thing that we wish we could change about ourselves, or our situation.

Here are 5 things that end up at the top of most people’s wish list:

  1. We want to belong and feel loved. 
  2. We want to get our finances in order and earn more.
  3. We want to overcome fears that are holding us back from achieving our dreams.
  4. We want to feel like we’re making a positive difference in the lives of the people we care about.
  5. We want to look and feel healthy.

If you’re reading this, there’s no reason you can’t make these wishes come true in your life.

I Know What I’m Doing

I’m a coach, teacher, counselor, speaker and writer. In addition to working in clinics, I’ve also worked for national healthcare organizations.

In addition to my writing here, my work has been published by:

  • Journal for Healthcare Quality
  • Journal of Managed Care Medicine
  • Journal of Nursing Care Quality
  • Insight Magazine
  • Signs of the Times
  • The Good Men Project
  • LifeZette
  • Fox News
  • The Gottman Institute

I’ve also given presentations at conferences for the following organizations:

  • World Research Group
  • Health Intelligence Network
  • National Institute for Case Management
  • National Association for Healthcare Quality
  • American Association of Health Plans

I’m also a church leader, having chaired and served on boards, and served in various leadership positions.

I have a Master of Social Work degree with a concentration in health, mental heath and addictions. I’m a licensed clinical social worker in the State of Oregon. I hold a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality certification from the Health Care Quality Board.

My Resources

If you click on one of the links above and subscribe to any of these services, I may receive a small referral commission at no added cost to you. The commissions I receive help with the cost of maintaining this website.

Personal Stuff

  • Born and raised in Orange County, California until age 11.
  • Attended junior high and high school in southern Oregon.
  • Oldest of 2 boys born to my parents, and my 2 younger half brothers.
  • An introvert.
  • Met my wife Tami working at a summer camp. We’ve been married over 27 years, and have a 20 year old daughter and 13 year old son.
  • Live outside of Estacada, Oregon, near Portland, on a hobby farm. We raise Boer goats, honeybees, fruit and vegetables.


I’d Like to Meet You

Use the Facebook Messenger app, send a voicemail, use the Contact Me button, or write a comment below to say hello. Tell me what city or country you make your home in, and anything else you’d like me to know.

You’re Designed to Thrive!

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