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How to Get More Quality Time with Your Spouse

Many married couples struggle with not having enough time for each other. They struggle with demands and distractions that pull them apart.According to recent research at the University of Minnesota, the average couple may spend between four to five hours together each day, not counting time spent sleeping or on personal grooming. But there are […]

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Disrupt Your Marriage Before It’s Too Late

Sixty-nine percent of divorces are initiated by women, compared to 31 percent initiated by their husbands. In a recent study led by Michael Rosenfeld, associate professor of sociology at Stanford University in California, Rosenfeld drew this conclusion by collecting data from over 2000 adults ages 19-94 in heterosexual relationships. This conclusion is in contrast to […]

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How to Rescue Your Marriage Relationship from Stress

Emotional distance, a loss of intimacy, and the death of romance. That describes our marriage less than six months after my wife and I exchanged vows. We’d married with dreams of living happily ever after. Conflict on our honeymoon cast doubt that our dreams would come true, putting our relationship on the rocks. Then I […]

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What Your Christmas Traditions Say about Your Marriage

I had mixed feelings about Christmas. My wife loved the holiday. After we married, bringing our different Christmas pasts together created some challenges.As a young child, I waited impatiently for Christmas morning. In the days before Christmas, boxes wrapped in red and green paper and shiny ribbons appeared under our family Christmas tree. When Mom […]

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Christmastime: ‘Tis the Season for Family Drama

My wife and I wished we could skip the drama of the family Christmas party each year. We dreaded the family drama that would accompany the annual Secret Santa gift exchange.Someone on my in-laws’ side of the family started this family tradition. Everyone participated—aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, grandchildren—but I don’t know anyone who would say […]

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How to Choose Christmas Gifts Your Wife will Love

Most husbands put off their Christmas shopping until a few days before Christmas. While two-day shipping makes that easier than ever, Christmas shopping is not something most men look forward to. More than anything else, most struggle with finding the right Christmas gift for their wife.How Husbands Choose GiftsAYTM, a consumer research firm, reports that […]

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The Happiest Couples Know this Communication Secret

Tension easily builds up in marriages where couples fail to effectively communicate their needs to each other. Both spouses become frustrated by unmet needs, or the inability to meet the other’s needs.A wife says to her husband, “I need to feel loved.”  So, the next day he brings her a bouquet of roses. She seems […]

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The Right Way to Apologize to Your Spouse

Not long ago, I publicly humiliated my wife. It wasn’t intentional. The group of people involved was small. Nevertheless, she was still embarrassed by something I said and pulled me aside. I faced an important decision: deny I did anything wrong, defend my actions, or apologize to my wife.I had no idea I’d embarrassed my […]

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Here’s What Happens When You’re Thankful for Your Spouse

I haven’t always cherished my wife like I do now. For many years of our marriage, I’ve taken her for granted. But complacency undermines happiness. Now, as we sit around the table on Thanksgiving Day with family and friends, I like to express gratitude for my wife. It’s not the only time I express gratitude […]

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