5 Steps To Overcome Fear

5 Steps to Overcome Fear and Strengthen Your Faith in God5 min read

By Jon Beaty

January 14, 2015

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Do you struggle with how to overcome fear? Do your fears cause you shame? Do your fears lead you to doubt your faith in God? Have others insisted that you need to pray more, read more, or just pull up your own boot straps? What if you could use your fears to strengthen your trust in God?

The Power of Fear

One in four workers couldn’t get a job. Drought had devastated farmers, leaving gritty dust where they’d planted crops. Unable to pay for housing, hundreds of thousands of individuals and families found themselves homeless. The country appeared on the verge of total collapse. The United States had reached its lowest point in the Great Depression.

At this low point in the nation’s history, Franklin D. Roosevelt had been elected to his first term as President of the United States. In his inaugural address of 1933, FDR delivered this well-known line:

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Roosevelt understood this: Fear has the power to paralyze us, when we most need to act. Fear would have us retreat, when we need to advance forward.

Some of us are hard-wired for fear.

Some fears are rooted in previous experiences. We’ve been threatened, rejected or hurt. I’ve been there. How about you?

Some of us have experienced terrifying panic, heart-breaking disappointment, or mortifying embarrassment. Perhaps like me you’ve helplessly watched your child step into the path of danger. Maybe you’ve received a rejection letter for a job you desperately needed. Have you ever stepped onto a stage with your fly open? I’ve done that!

We fear of having those feelings again. So we avoid the locations or situations where those feelings were felt. For some of us this has resulted in avoiding things like close relationships, going outside, entering large buildings, or crossing bridges.

Other fears exist because we have a strong ability to imagine the worst. Fears of flying in a plane, fears of germs, or fears of public speaking tend to fall in this category.

Whatever the source of fear, when we let it overpower us it becomes like a ball and chain, or a prison without walls.

Powerful for the Powerless

The phrase “fear not” appears in the King James Version of the Bible 62 times.

In the Bible, commands to “fear not” usually come from God or one of His angels. Before Joshua led the Hebrews into battle against their enemies, God said, “Fear not,” (Joshua 8:1). When the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to announce that God had chosen her to be the mother of the Messiah, he said, “Fear not,” (Luke 1:10).

God knows fear is a problem for us. This is why God appeals to us to “fear not.”

God doesn’t condemn us for our fear. He wants to free us from it.

Every time God says, “Fear not,” He adds a promise to be there with us, to help us.

When God says, “Fear not,” it’s an invitation to trust, and grow our faith.

Fear takes hold when we feel powerless.

God invites us to rely on His power and not our own.

God gives us the power to overcome fear. Fear binds us to an ordinary life. While we may not easily eliminate fear, we can overcome it. Each fear that we overcome opens the door to something extraordinary.

1. Name your fear.

Sometimes when fear creeps up on us, the source of the fear isn’t obvious. When you feel afraid, identify what it is you’re afraid of. Name it. Write it down, if it helps. Say, “I’m afraid of ______________.”

2. Arm yourself with God’s promises.

Replace the armor of fear with the armor of God. Write down and become familiar with passages from the Bible that encourage you to lean on God. Read them aloud to yourself daily. To start with, here’s a great list of verses on overcoming fear.

3. Surrender your fear.

In many situations fear serves and important purpose. Fear of death helps us keep our eyes on the road so we don’t swerve our car across the center line or into a ditch. Fear of pain keeps us from putting our hand on a hot stove. But fears that hold us back from living, loving and leading can hold us hostage. Surrender these fears, one at a time. Give them to God with a simple prayer. Say, “God, please take this fear of _________ from me. I give it to you.” Keep praying it until you let go.

4. Imagine your success.

We have an amazing ability to influence our outcomes, simply by our imagination. Many people have a habit of imagining the worst. By doing this, we set ourselves up for failure. Set yourself up for success by imagining a successful outcome. Set yourself up for success. Visualize success in your mind–what it looks like, feels like, sounds like, smells like, and tastes like. Write it down in a simple, story form, with you as the main character.

5. Act out your new story.

We must exercise our faith to strengthen our faith. Using the success you imagined as a script, take your first steps. You may feel weak knees at first, but keep going. Pause to rest and catch your breath if you need to. When you’re ready, take a few more steps. But set your feet firmly in the direction you want to go, committed to going forward. Allow the story to change as you move forward into your new adventure. The story won’t unfold exactly as you imagined it. But whatever happens, always imagine the success that God promises. Keep exercising your faith, and it’ll grow.

Whenever we struggle with a fear that’s holding us back from fully enjoying life, it’s an opportunity to trust God and strengthen our faith.

Leave a comment below to share a fear God has helped you overcome. Or tell me about a fear you want overcome and how your life will be different when you conquer that fear.

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  • I want God to help me overcome fear,Fear of being homeless again with my children and the rent not getting pay every month,fear of not able to pass my CDL CLASS A licence the manveurs:Offset parking ,straight back,Alley Docking and the Parella parking, and the air brakes test, I have to retake the class on June 1,2016.God open the door for me to get help in paying for the class. During the time that I were in the class I had one of the teacher were constantly yelling and getting upset with the student and me who didn’t get the manveur right. God told me during that’s time what he started he will compete it in my life. During this time the Lord had me to Rest in him he had show me fear is what I need to overcome, he not please when we fear and not haveing faith in him , I can’t no longer do thing on my own anymore, I surrender all to Jesus,I will overcome fear I cast fear out of my life for ever, God had not given me the spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind. I Decree and Declare that I will pass all of my test to receive my Class A License when I return to school.No weapon that Form against me share prosper. Jesus Name.

    • Hi Kassandra,

      The Lord is my light and my salvation;
      Whom shall I fear?
      The Lord is the strength of my life;
      Of whom shall I be afraid?
      Psalm 27:1

      God is faithful and will do for you what He promises. Whenever fear creeps up on you, push it away by thanking God for His blessings and His power in your life. Gratitude and fear cannot live in the same place.

      Our Father, give Kassandra your strength and remove all fear. Give her your love and a sound mind.

  • Trusting in god has been a problem for me because of fear. I seem to get scare really fast then trying to trust in god. I always read the words from Timothy. God hasn’t give the spirit of fear but of power, of love, sound mind. What would be the best thing for me to overcome fear?

    • Hi Daniel,

      The best way to increase your trust in God is to put His promises to the test. The best thing for you to overcome fear is to claim God’s promises whenever you are in a situation where you feel afraid, imagine what it will be like when God keeps His promise, then do the things that fear is holding you back from. Overcoming fear doesn’t mean you won’t feel fear, but that you take action in spite of the fear. Of course, if you’re afraid to do something that’s immoral, illegal or stupid–that’s a good kind of fear that will keep you out of trouble, and that should not be overcome..but I don’t think that’s the kind of fear you’re struggling with. Keep me updated on how you’re doing with this.

  • I have felt fear for the sins i have committed. I fear that i might not forgive myself, and God doesn’t forgive me. But I have many times felt that i have God and trust him in my heart. But i keep losing this feeling and moment. I know he’s there for me, but i cant always express my faith, trust, because this fear comes in.

    • Daniel, Thank you for commenting. Remember, you don’t have to stay in the fear when it comes in. Whenever the fear comes in, wrap yourself in God’s promises, and let His Word overcome the fear.

  • Although I believe in a different religion, I love that us god believers can come together and face fear head on. I have so many fears that no one has helped me with, and it even makes me question god. The universe. It’s silly, I know—but there are so many things that should be beautiful, it’s scary. I didn’t normally believe in a multiverse, I thought I was a special individual in all of the world. I was told I was dead wrong, and that we merely live our lives from one universe to the next. This made me go insane, every thought and action I did was based solely on that idea. That everyone I ever knew was just a carbon copy no matter what, and we just replace the next us in a different universe through our souls. This idea sort of counters my religion, and yet, I still believed the people. I knew this was a crazy idea and people could have been lying—and yet, I couldn’t help myself. I was so deep into that certain way of thinking, that I couldn’t do anything. I scared myself and everyone around me with that thought. The law of attraction—something that brought people happiness—scared me! I was supposed to be the one in control, but my fears got to me. I tried forgetting and that didn’t work, so I tried to convince myself it wasn’t real. I don’t know what to do anymore. This stupid idea has ruined a part of me, and now nothing I do feels real. I keep dissociating and I have awful thoughts. Your article helped me realize that my mind and world is mine to control. That I don’t have to give in to fear, and I can fight it. With god, anything is possible. I want to move on, do you mind giving me some pointers to living a healthier and better life?

    • Hi Eve,

      Thank you for writing and sharing what you’ve been struggling with. Sign up for one of my free offers and you will get some useful tips from me on living a healthier and better life. I promise!

  • i feel like my faith in god is fake for some reason… i know i genuinely believe that god is indeed real and did die on that cross in rome in the 30 AD’s but i feel like my faith is fake, btw i do watch p0rn and i am in the procces of trying to rewire my mysterious brain to not tolerate p0rn because it hurts my relationship with the one and only god i believe in… so please pray for me that i would be able to beat the battle with p0rn, because it isn’t good at all… and i have a friend named steven myers, and he says that i just need to accept gods gift of dying for our sins…

  • Fear consumes my life. Recently said no to an CT scan because of fear.
    Two year saliva gland problem could have been discovered now will never know.

    Miss out on life church going out because of fear of man judging me.

    I think its fear of family members at Christmas husbands family that Im dreading now in October.

    Fear anxiety while I drive its exhausting.

    Life is full of fear.

  • Overcoming fear with faith and surrender was recently revealed to me by God. Yet, your message triggered the specific actions for the same. Thanks Jon.

  • I want ot overcome a fear of disapointment, a fear of not getteing married and having a good job. Tjis is based on my past experience of being unfortunate

  • I pray that God helps me overcome the fear of not doing a good job in a new company, everything is new to me and I feel like I set myself for a failure. And I need to work, after COVID everything looks hard for me.

  • I often have fear of being harmed diabolically by people who are occultic, practice witchcraft and visit witchcraft doctors. The source of this fear comes from my past experience of losing my elder brother following the boasting of these enemies who boasted that they would kill my brother. In spit of the combined prayers of my brother and I, to God not to allow the wishes of these evil men to come to pass, my brother died all same.

    • The forces of evil may cause harm to the body, but they cannot harm your soul if you abide in Jesus. “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”
      (Matthew 10:28 ESV)

  • I fear death. Evan as a child I had this fear. I have struggled with it more so recently. Stress and anxiety is taking a toll on my health. I have trusted God for salvation. But I’m having trouble trusting.

    • Hi Eric, It is natural to focus on the dangers. Awareness of danger keeps us alive. Often we make the dangers appear greater than they are. You might train your mind to focus on more of the good things around you. Before you go to bed, identify at least one thing each day that went well for you, and write it in a journal.

    • Hello Jon I suffer from fear of just about everything. I wish you were in Bakersville California. I would make appointment to start counseling with you. But since you’re not could you recommend a counselor a Christian counselor here in Bakersville California that I could start seeing.. Thank you

      • Hi Deborah! I’m so sorry you are suffering from fear. I do not know of anyone in Bakersville that I can refer you to. I do pray that by following the steps I outlined in my article you can begin to make some progress in overcoming fear.

  • Thank you for sharing this 5 steps how to overcome fears. I have gone through a lot of fears: when my husband was diagnosed with liver cancer, later died; Financial difficulties when I was scammed. All the savings my husband left me were taken away from me. But the Bible has been my guide: Psalm 37:25; 1 Peter 5:10.

  • I want to overcome the fear of spiritual attack against me and children from my evil inlaws since the passing of my husband.

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