7 Days to Double Your Happiness and Decrease Depression

7 Days to Double Your Happiness and Decrease Depression1 min read

By Jon Beaty

April 16, 2015

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What if you could decrease depression and as much as double your happiness for up to 6 months? What if you could achieve it with only a small amount of effort each day for a week?

Top researchers in the field of positive psychology say you can.

Without spending a dime on psychotherapy or medications!

Practice Lags Behind the Latest Science

When I practiced psychotherapy, I helped people to identify thinking and relationship patterns that kept them depressed and unhappy. I often referred them to a psychiatrist to get started on medication.

Many times they got better. Their happiness improved. Their depression decreased, or went away. But the process took weeks, sometimes months.

After years of treating people for depression this way, I was stunned to discover the science that supported simple lifestyle changes, and changes in how we think, that can be just as effective, and often more effective than therapy and medication.

But the practice of treating people with mental illness often lags 10 years or more behind the latest science in their practice.

In many cases, those who provide treatment for mental illness haven't yet noticed that the tide is turning away from focusing on how to make people well, to improving well-being to prevent mental illness.

Whether you've suffered from depression or just want to be happier, you can use these discoveries made by leading researchers in the field of psychology to improve your life satisfaction now.

The Next 7 Days can Double Your Happiness 

Perhaps it sounds too good to be true.

That's why today, for a limited time, I'm giving you this information free. I'm not selling anything. You don't have to buy anything.

If you're reading this, by the simple exercise of your character strengths for 7 days, you can potentially double your happiness and cut symptoms of depression in half.

Are you happy enough? Chances are you know someone who's not. Be a great friend and sharing this info with him or her.

Here's how it's done.

  1. Take the VIA Character Strengths Personality Test. It only takes an average of 15 minutes to take the test and get your free results. When you complete the test, you'll receive upgrade offers. You don't need to buy those. Follow this link to the test.
  2. Get 72 Ways to Flex Your Character Strengths. Just enter your email address below, and you'll get instant access to my free ebook with all the details you need to use your VIA Character Strengths Personality Test profile, and start on the path to increased happiness and lowering depression. 
  3. Talk to Your Healthcare Provider. This only applies if you're currently seeing a therapist, or taking prescribed medication. Don't stop without consulting with your therapist or prescribing practitioner. Suddenly stopping some medications is dangerous. Talk with your healthcare professionals about what you're doing. I've added a bonus gift, just for you--an article that explains the science behind using your character strengths, and other simple actions to improve your mood and your life satisfaction

You're Getting a $125 Value for Free

If I still practiced psychotherapy, I could easily justify a fee of $125 for what I've just told you and the free downloads you can claim now. It's free. My gift to you, because I want you to enjoy happiness and healing.

After you've done this exercise for 7 days, return to this post and leave a comment to share with others how it worked for you.


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