7 Promises for Happiness and Healing

7 Promises for Happiness and Healing1 min read

By Jon Beaty

June 10, 2015

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There's a Bible passage that challenges me, and that I believe will challenge you. It's a passage the contains God's promises for happiness and healing--with some conditions.

When God calls us to walk with Him, part of God's purpose is to have His character rub off on us.

God's character transformation includes producing within us a passion to defend the defenseless.

Just as Jesus was sent to be our Defender, God sends Christians out into the world to defend the oppressed, the poor, the widows, the homeless, the naked, the hungry and the orphans (Isaiah 19:20; James 1:27).

The early Christian church put much effort and resources into making sure every person in their community received love in a tangible way. They also extended love to those outside their community.

Love can't be just talk. The gospel of Jesus is as much about action as it is about words.

The gospel without works is dead.

Good works are as much about how I take care of others, as they are about how I take care of me.

The second greatest commandment is to love our neighbor as yourself (Matthew 19:19). The apostle Paul put it this way: Don't look out for only your own interests, but also look out for the interests of others (Philippians 2:4).

​God Calls...What's Your Answer?

The Old Testament prophet Isaiah can be called "the gospel prophet." More than any other Old Testament prophet, he saw the coming Messiah.

Isaiah's prophetic book provided a part of Jesus road map during His life on earth. So, it ought to provide a road map for us--if we want to be like Jesus.

One of the passages from this book that motivates me to draw closer to God is Isaiah 58:6-11. It motivates me to draw closer to God, because I need the power of God to turn these words into action in my life.

The passage comes with a call to defend the defenseless, and it promises happiness and healing to those who answer the call.

​As God's messenger, Isaiah calls each of us to do these 7 things:

  1. Untie people from the bonds of sin.
  2. Free people from oppression.
  3. Give food and the word of life to those who hunger.
  4. Provide shelter to the homeless.
  5. Provide clothing to the naked.
  6. Don't accuse others.
  7. Don't speak false words.

Here's what God promises to do when we answer this call:

  1. God will answer your prayers.
  2. God will heal you quickly
  3. God will make your light shine in the darkness
  4. God will guide you continually.
  5. God will quench your unfulfilled desires.
  6. God will strengthen your bones.
  7. God will cause you to thrive like a watered garden, and everlasting spring.

This sounds good to me. How about you?

If this passage challenges you to walk closer to God as a defender of the defenseless, leave a comment. Just write something like, "I want to defend the defenseless and have God fulfill His promises in my life."

God's 7 promises for those who defend the defenseless. #happiness #healing

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  • “Love can’t be just talk. The gospel of Jesus is as much about action as it is about words.” I love this line because it’s so true! And yes Jon, I’m with you… “I want to defend the defenseless and have God fulfill His promises in my life.”

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