7 Ways to Give Peace on Earth this Christmas

7 Ways to Give Peace on Earth this Christmas3 min read

By Jon Beaty

December 12, 2015

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Have you heard the song with the lyric, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me (affiliate link)“?

The Christmas season is stressful. Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, you’d have to avoid people to escape the stress.

People in a rush to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace seem to be missing the point.

Most people waiting for the birth of the Prince of Peace missed the point, too.

It’s like getting so caught up in getting to church on time that you start yelling at your family because they’re not hurrying fast enough.

Before you know it, you’ve gone from following Jesus to following your own self-interests. But for what purpose?

I know. I’ve been there too many times.

The Enemy of Peace on Earth

In the days of Caesar Augustus, when Joseph, Mary and their donkey were on their way to Bethlehem, God’s chosen people were waiting for a savior that would squash their enemies.

Then there would be peace on earth.

What they failed to realize, was that the real enemy that needed to be squashed
was in their hearts.

God had chosen the Israelites to be a light to the world, to reveal God’s justice and mercy.

Instead, most had hardened their hearts against the true God, in favor of following gods made in their own image–gods that fed their appetite for sensual pleasure and material possessions.

So, when baby Jesus showed up in a Bethlehem stable, the most “religious” people missed it.

What if you made a planned visit to family, showed up at their house, and they didn’t recognize you?

When Jesus arrived, he was welcomed by simple shepherds who’d met an angel choir. A few days later, magi from the east–perhaps descendants of Ishmael–showed up, inspired by their study of ancient prophecies.

They didn’t fully understand what was going on, but there was something said–sung–by the angels about “peace on earth.”

Finding Peace on Earth

Have you ever driven a car or grocery cart with the wheels misaligned? There’s a lot of vibrating and shaking that goes on. It’s not a peaceful experience, for sure.

There can’t be peace in or lives when  our thoughts and actions aren’t aligned with God’s thoughts and actions.

There can’t be peace on earth until our lives are aligned with God–one life at a time, beginning with you and me.

Consider these 7 opportunities to bring peace to the Christmas season:

  1. Start each day by asking God to fill you with His peace.
  2. Instead of arguing with someone you disagree with, say, “That’s interesting. Tell me more about that.”
  3. Invite someone to go ahead of you through a door, in a check-out line, or in a parking lot.
  4. Pick up trash you see lying on the ground and put it in a recycle bin or garbage can.
  5. Bake and deliver something tasty and fresh to your neighbors.
  6. Get a few people together to sing or play instruments in a nursing home, and visit with the residents.
  7. Give a hug to someone who’s stressed and ask them how you can help–then help.
What 2 or 3 things you can do today and the rest of the week to add peace to your life and the lives of others.
Write those things down (I like Wunderlist) and put them on your daily task list to help you keep them in mind.

What would you add to this list? Please add on with a comment below.

About the author

I help Christian leaders apply the ways and words of Jesus to:
- Overcome limiting beliefs, habits, and traits.
- Build stronger connections with the people they live and work with.
- Clarify and achieve their personal goals and life mission.

  • Hey Jon,

    “Most people waiting for the birth of the Prince of Peace missed the point.” This line struck me this morning. It is a very sobering reminder to say humble and open. As we grow in our faith, I think it’s far too easy to fall into a trap of thinking that we have our faith figured out. I know I’ve done this before and it’s a dangerous place to be.

    I like the seven steps you mentioned because they are so simple and applicable. #2 is my favorite. It’s counter-intuitive, but I’ve personally witnessed just how powerful this can be.

    I would add “smile,” to the list. As the stress of the holiday-rush sets in, something as simple as a friendly grin, can remind those around us that this truly is a joyful time of year. It’s funny how a warm smile from a stranger can help pull someone out of a grumpy funk 🙂

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