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Spiritual Superfood: 4 Bible Study Tips for Daily Devotions

Does your mind wander when you read the Bible? Do you get stuck on lengthy legal explanations in Leviticus, or unfamiliar names in the genealogies of Numbers or 1 and 2 Chronicles? Try these four Bible study tips. These tips have helped me get more spiritual nourishment from the¬†Bible, and add meaning to my daily […]

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Getting Over After-Christmas Disappointment

Post-Christmas Regrets I spent too much. I ate too much. I didn’t get what I wanted. I talked too much. My gifts weren’t appreciated. If you recently celebrated Christmas, you might have one–or more–of these regrets. Maybe you have others. How does one get over after-Christmas disappointment? My regrets in Christmases past include, over-indulging on […]

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