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How Gratitude Can Help Your Marriage Thrive

For many married couples, it’s not long after their wedding day that spouses begin to be annoyed by each other. Attributes they didn’t notice before become irritants that seem impossible to ignore. An irritated spouse can easily become critical of their partner and make other negative comments. Some spouses manage to just put up with […]

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Make Your Marriage Strong by Discovering Your Spouse’s Superpowers

It’s possible your spouse has positive traits and actions that you haven’t noticed. Noticing them may make your marriage stronger and happier. If you have a tendency to notice the wrong things, you might blame your biases. We are all subject to what psychologists call “confirmation bias.” Confirmation bias is our tendency to notice and […]

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Do This to Create Strong Connections in Your Marriage

The late President Ronald Reagan and former First Lady Nancy Reagan had a happy marriage that lasted more than half a century. History records how deeply fond they were of each other. They were best friends. The secret to their successful marriage can in part be attributed to their shared rituals. Research on what makes […]

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Find Your Life Purpose for a Happier Marriage

Only one in three marriages in the United States reaches its twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. That means at least two out of three marriages fail to achieve the dream of living “happily ever after.” Among those couples who stay together “until death do us part,” many have achieved satisfying, and thriving marriages. Their secret includes each […]

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Mastering Marriage Conflict with Mulligans

If you’ve golfed, it’s likely you’ve taken a “mulligan.” Mulligan’s aren’t only for the fairway—they can also be useful in managing conflict in marriage. Consider Devon and Becca who tend to be at odds over Devon’s habit of arriving to appointments early, and Becca’s habit of arriving on time or a few minutes late. Devon […]

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Revive Passion in Your Marriage with this Habit

Ninety-three percent of married respondents and 84 percent of those who were unmarried told Pew Research Center love is the best reason for marriage. It’s the reason my wife Tami and I married. Then, as in many marriages, conflict put a strain on our passion for each other. We discovered how to manage conflict, but […]

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A Married Couple’s Guide to Complaining

My wife Tami felt angry. “All you do after you get home from work and eat dinner is sit on the couch. Why can’t we talk, or take a walk together, or do both?” Couples will always have complaints about each other. Unfortunately, instead of expressing their complaints, they resort to criticizing each other. Unchecked […]

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Use Love Maps to Cultivate a Thriving Marriage

Research reveals that one of the keys to a thriving marriage is in the details. This conclusion comes from Dr. John Gottman, professor of psychology at the University of Washington in Seattle. Gottman presents key findings from over 30 years of research in his bestselling book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. Many of his […]

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4 Signs Your Marriage May Be Making You Sick

Many health experts won’t tell you that married couples can actually prevent the common cold and seasonal flu by reducing the negative behaviors in their marriage. During the winter months when runny noses, coughs, and fevers are all too common, we’re reminded to wash our hands, avoid contact with sick people, and get a flu […]

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