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4 Research-backed Ways to Make Christmas Merrier

What’s the difference between having a merry Christmas and becoming a Scrooge? It may be how you decide to celebrate the holiday. Researchers have drawn some surprising conclusions about what makes us happier during the holidays. I cringe when I see stores bring out their holiday decorations the day after Halloween. So, I surprised myself when […]

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3 Powerful Habits that Inspire Trust in Your Spouse and Children

Without trust, marriages and families become a source of disappointment and pain. Says the Irish proverb, “When mistrust comes in, love goes out.” David Horsager is one of the world’s leading authorities on trust and author of The Trust Edge. In his book, Horsager writes, “If you want to build trust and earn the faith and […]

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Why Families Should Be Intentional About Sharing Experiences

Chocolate tastes better when it’s tasted with another person. Happy movies produce more happiness when viewed with others. Pleasant images bring more enjoyment when seen with someone else. These findings are from recent research on the effects of shared experiences on our well-being. Social psychologist Erica Boothby along with colleagues at Yale University conducted the chocolate-tasting […]

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Your Child Needs These Back-to-School Study and Homework Habits

One of the summertime joys of parenting is taking a break from supervising kids’ after-school studies and other homework. For many kids, it’s a time for staying up late, sleeping late, and prioritizing fun. Once school is back in session, many parents find themselves needing to help their children get back into the routine of […]

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Dads Who Share in Parenting Get More Marital Satisfaction

New dads often feel like they’re in competition with their kids for mom’s attention. As brood are added to the nest, that feeling often intensifies. For dads who share in child care responsibilities, a new study shows that dads’ feelings about their relationship with mom tend to be quite different. Moms carry the heaviest share […]

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Give Your Child an Advantage with this Parenting Style

Using this parenting style will give your child an advantage that can last a lifetime. New research in Japan concludes that children whose parents use a supportive parenting style have the highest achievements academically, in levels of happiness, and in incomes as adults. These children are also more likely to marry and have higher numbers […]

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5 Ways to Help Kids Develop Grit Because Self-Esteem is Overrated

If you’ve been concerned that your child’s low self-esteem might keep him or her from reaching their full potential, think again. Parents need to help kids develop grit. If you completed college Psychology 101 like I did, you learned that self-esteem is measured by the amount of positive regard people have for themselves. Perhaps you, like […]

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3 Valuable Benefits of Summer Camp That Help Kids Thrive

Over 14 million children are expected to attend camp in the United States this year, according to trends reported by the American Camp Association. If you’re thinking about sending your child to summer camp this year, now is a good time to begin planning. Popular camps fill up fast and close enrollment before summer begins. […]

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