Receiving God's Love: 4 Steps Everyone Needs to Know

Receiving God’s Love: 4 Steps Everyone Needs to Know1 min read

By Jon Beaty

May 14, 2015

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We're all born with a thirst that can only be quenched by receiving God's love. The problem is this: When we look for love we find bitter waters.

Nothing to Fear...Unless We Forget

You probably know the story.

Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt under God's direction. Pharaoh pursued them with his army. But God moved the Red Sea out of the way long enough for the Hebrews to escape. Then God drowned Pharaoh's army.

The Hebrews celebrated their freedom. They were no longer slaves. They were on their way to the Promised Land.

Three days into their journey, the Hebrews got thirsty--their water supply gone!

They found water, but it had a bitter taste.

It was unfit to drink.

They started to worry. They complained.

All that God had done to get them out of Egypt--the 10 plagues, moving the Red Sea, the cloud-column that gave them shade in the heat of the day, and the fire-pillar that gave them light and warmth at night...


It's easy to do that.

I also forget what God has done for me. Then I worry. Sometimes I complain.

The covering of shade in the heat of day, the warmth and light in the night--it was there. But they didn't see it--didn't feel it.

What about you?

Not Enough Love

You may have been born into a dysfunctional family, where love was lacking. But even if your mother and father abandon you, God is with you, loving you (Psalm 27:10).

You may have been born into a home bursting with love. But even if your mother and father lavished you with love, it wasn't enough.

You may have found love, only to have your heart broken--more than once.

You and I, we get thirsty.

If we're looking for everlasting love in the wrong places, all we find is bitter water.

God's love is always where you and I are. We might resist it. We must receive it to live life to the fullest.

Moses did the best thing. He prayed.

Moses saw God's love and felt it--by faith.

God answered.

Perfect Love Makes Perfect

God showed Moses a tree. "Put it in the water," God said. Moses obeyed God.

The water became sweet.

God wants us to pray.

God points you and me to a tree--the cross of Jesus Christ.

On the cross, love was made perfect. Love paid the penalty for our sin with its own life.

Because of the cross, love can make you and me perfect.

Jesus makes our bitter waters sweet. #christian #love

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As you and I receive God's love, displayed on the cross, Jesus makes our bitter waters sweet.

Jesus quenches our thirst with living water.

Happiness and Healing Overflowing

You might remember this story.

Jesus and a woman met at a well.

Jesus saw her heart, and her need for love. Five men. Five attempts at making love last.

He offered her living water--water that would overflow with everlasting happiness and healing.

All she had to do is ask and receive.

All we have to do is ask and receive.

If you're thirsty for love that lasts, take these 4 simple steps:

  1. Believe by faith that God's love is always where you are
  2. Pray when you feel like worrying and complaining
  3. Ask for God to reveal His everlasting love to you
  4. Receive happiness and healing.

    Now is a good time.

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  5. Great post Jon, love it! I’d add, keep repeating step #4, which seems to be an ongoing process and not a one time event–at lest in my life any ways 🙂 Love the updated site. Looks sharp!

    • Jed, Thanks for the comment! Yes, I agree on repeating #4! We get hit with bad stuff every day and need refills frequently.

  6. I love totally! We have to receive God’s love. I will use your article with my youth group. Travis Greene and Steffiney G- You are loved fits perfectly. I pray blessings over your ministry. I am a counselor as well and I understand the importance of keeping God as the center.

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