I ‘m an Apple IOS user. I tried the Android thing for a while, but found the quality of Android tablet apps to be lacking. While that might get better with KitKat, I’m sticking with my iPhone and iPad mini for now.

I like apps that work well and simplify my life. Here are some of my favorites.


Evernote is the ultimate app for me. I use this one every day. It’s free unless you decide you want additional features and a larger upload limit. My favorite features are the  Web clipper, reminders, ability to search text in photos and PDFs, integration with Skitch, Pocket, Penultimate, Boxer, and a growing list of other productivity apps described in Evernote App Center. Also, Evernote syncs acr0ss multiple platforms, including IOS, Android, Windows and Mac.


Boxer is my email client on IOS. It nicely integrates all my email accounts into one mailbox, allows me to use Gmail aliases, and nicely integrates with Evernote. Its simple swipe functions make it easy to send quick replies, file emails away, create task lists, and keep my inbox manageable.

Drafts – Agile Tortoise

I use Drafts for taking quick notes and writing the first drafts for blog posts, book chapters, and tweets. The advantages of this app over the native IOS 7 Notes app include a word and character count, and  integration with email, Twitter and Evernote. It also offers an array of other integration options that I don’t use yet. Another cool feature is the setting that puts up a blank draft each time I open the app. The app also syncs instantly across IOS devices.

Remember Me

I’ve been working on Bible memorization for a few years now. Remember Me makes it easier. I like the ability to easily add texts from multiple Bible version, create virtual flashcards, and practice with puzzles. Remember Me keeps track of which texts I’m learning, the ones I know, and the ones I have yet to learn. Once I know a text, it brings it back periodically to keep it fresh in my mind. Remember Me also syncs across IOS, Android and the Web.

What apps do you recommend? Please comment below (no affiliate links please).


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