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Start by Taking this Quiz. Find Out if Your Marriage is as Good as It Gets.

Cultivating a thriving marriage and raising thriving kids is difficult, to say the least.

Husbands and wives struggle to find time for each other. 

The demands of school and after-school activities make it hard to find quality time with your kids.

My generation grew up with the TV version of Little House on the Prairie.  Reruns are still playing somewhere.

Caroline was the ideal mother. She worked from dawn to dusk to feed, clothe and care for her husband and kids. 

TV's Ingalls family stands in stark contrast to today's real marriages and families.

It was a different era in so many ways.

But the marriages and families of every era--from the beginning of history--faced challenges.

Eve tempted Adam with the forbidden fruit. Cain killed Abel.  

Some overcame their challenges. Others fell apart.

By their faith in God's grace, and by believing in the good in each other, they overcame and became better people.

I believe that's still possible today.

In my home, we've done it!

Now, don't confuse a thriving marriage and family with a perfect marriage and family. 

My wife Tami and I have our flaws. We make mistakes in our marriage and in parenting.

We're not perfect!

But we've thrived ​by learning how to accommodate for each other's flaws, and how to recover from our mistakes.

I want to help you do the same.

Do you want to:

  • Cultivate a loving, lasting friendship with your spouse?
  • Earn the love and respect of your children?
  • Experience the power of faith to help your marriage and family relationship thrive?

Start by Taking this Quiz. Find Out if Your Marriage is as Good as It Gets.

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