Why Couples Need to Read the Bible and Pray Together

Why Couples Need to Read the Bible and Pray Together4 min read

By Jon Beaty

October 23, 2015

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Research shows that couples who pray and read the Bible together at home are happier. Couples that are happy together also stay together. This supports the popular claim that couples who pray together stay together.

The Myth of Happily Ever After

Popular romance movies and novels perpetuate the myth that after the wedding, husband and wife live happily ever after. Think Cinderella. That’s not what happened after my wedding. Think Adam and Eve. My wife Tami and I hit a rough spot in our marriage only a couple of days after saying our vows. That rough spot lasted for the next 3 years.

A wedge came between us and threatened to split us up. We turned things around by getting help. But we still went several years without regular prayer and devotional time together.

Tami and I haven’t always been faithful about praying or reading the Bible together at home. In the beginning of our marriage, we didn’t do either of these very much. By neglecting to have devotional time together, we failed to benefit from the power that prayer and God’s Word have to unite couples.

The Science of Couples that Worship Together

A scientific study completed a few years ago showed a high association between marital satisfaction and participating in family devotional activities at home. Prayer and reading the Bible together were included as devotional activities. Other religious activities shared together in the home were also counted. These included worship activities that involved the whole family.

Tami and I were about 10 years into our marriage when we made a habit of spending time together at home in prayer and other spiritual activities. We included our 3-year-old daughter. She was our only child at the time. Later, we added our son.

Devoting time as a couple or family to prayer, and turning our thoughts to religious themes, has helped cultivate valuable virtues and character strengths, like forgiveness, respect, and kindness. Because we do this in the evening, it’s also given us time to talk and listen to each other as we share highlights from our day.

Setting this time aside as a special time for us as a couple and family has added happiness to our marriage and family.

6 Tips for a Successful Family Devotional Time

Every Christian couple needs to schedule daily time to pray together and for other devotional activities, and include their children to promote a happy marriage and family.

Here are a few tips for making this time together valuable:

1. Set aside regular devotional time in your weekly schedule.

Most families can only make time to do this once a day. If you can make time to worship together twice a day, that’s even better. If all you can start with is once a week, that’s better than nothing.

2. Minimize distractions.

Turn off the TV. Turn off phones and tablets, or put them out of reach.

3. Take turns praying.

There are various ways to do this. In our home, one of the boys prays on even days, a girl on odd days. Some families use sentence prayers, where each family member prays a sentence. You can involve young children once they’re old enough to speak simple sentences.

4. Read age-appropriate material

If you’re married without children, or with older children, this is easy to accomplish. But you might alternate between reading the Bible and reading passages from inspirational books, articles or blogs. When young children are at home, you might read the parables of Jesus or simplified Bible stories from children’s books.

5. Cultivate happiness.

Use this time to share with each other one thing you’re grateful for that happened, or didn’t happen, in your day. Or tell each other about one thing that went well, or about one thing you each accomplished in the past 24 hours. Actively listen, ask questions, and offer positive comments to each person as they share.

6. Be creative

Other things to consider include learning and singing hymns or spiritual songs together, teaming up family members to act out a Bible story or parable, reading stories about Christian missionaries, or memorizing scriptures together. Use your imagination to come up with unique ways to learn about God and worship Him together.

6 Tips for a Successful Family Devotional Time

Do you share devotional time with your spouse? Do you have family prayer and worship at home? Share a comment below about how you make these times special, or how doing this adds happiness to your marriage or family.


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